Our Friday the 13th Sale was Awesome!

We started the day at 11am and tattooed non-stop until 2:30am. The gangs machines were working over time and when it was all over a whopping 176 tattoos had been done. We’d like to thank all of our customers for coming out and of course being patient while we worked towards their spot on the list. We’d also like to thank Steven DiSalvatore and Mike Brummett for their photography, Robin from Land of Cake believe for her amazing ’13’ themed cake, Jinxi for her amazing write up on our event, all of the neighborhood stores who helped put the word out, Regret Clothing for coming in to sell their merch and helping out up front, Nicky’s Beer Garden for their support, everybody who shared our links online, and all of our close friends who made the day fun and helped Amanda and Rob out up front. Stay tuned for whats happening in February!

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